Every establishment has its own primary needs that should be fulfilled to make it functionable and up and running. With this in mind, it is definitely an obvious fact that electricity is one of the most essential aspects necessary for a building, may it be residential or commercial.  The proper way on how the electrics is installed would definitely affect everything. That is way, Noor Hatta, an electric company in Sharjah, make it a point that such action is achieved. Also, Noor Hatta an electric company in Dubai as well, has a group of expert and reliable electricians who are capable to deliver the electrical works a customer desire. Our company, which is considered as an entity to call for every electric needs in the region, will deliver quality service to the client as an electric contractor in Dubai and also in Sharjah. Surely, without a doubt, we, at Noor Hatta, are proud of our electrical works.